Thursday, 24 December 2015




 Who was the joker who painted that portrait of you?

One or the other, saints both, bless them!

Whoever, he got carried away,
Fell over his easel
Easily done I said
He did not smile.

Then he fed his colours,
Pinks exclusively,
Into your
Piggy image.

You to the life, Piggles,

Pink and pathetic,
Delicately blushing
But no-one would notice.

Suddenly -  ‘What was that falling?

A shadow of Yaddo?

No, it was the sun.

It was the onset of the sunset.

Augustine/John smiled as
The pink light rubbed you out..
'If it’s there I paint it,
If it’s not I don’t.’
He said.

In the end
You were the pigling nobody needed to paint.
You were the ‘Pig at Sunset’s Onset.
Subsumed by a pink window,

I was disappointed.
I really wanted that painting.
You, however, were short on opinion.
You did not comment
Which was expected.

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